Should We Go Back

Should experienced lifters go back to school to get a kinesiology degree or a strength and conditioning certification.  In my experience of working in private gyms, most Kin students have no idea how to program athletes or regulate people for the matter of fact. Having a cert or a degree does not always make you a better coach, but having experience training athletes and volunteering your time will. I have seen many Strength coaches fail because they lack the bar knowledge but they are able to tell you all the muscles that are being worked at which angle but in turn can not help you reach your lifting goals. In this article I will explain why a $100 certification is as beneficial as getting a degree.

First major reason for not going back to school is the financing reasons, why pay $30,000 over 3 years to a program that you have been learning from since you started lifting. You will find many certifications online that most gyms will take because of its “legitimacy” it has proven through trainers, like Canfit Pro by Good Life. A major question that has always been discussed  are they more qualified with a degree. Like anything on paper the degree stands out more to employers then a cheap certification will, but that is not all they look at.

With out a Degree we are limited on the jobs we can apply to especially in the NCAA, you need a degree to apply for a strength coach position. This is one major problem for lifters who have proven success training other people, but do not carry a degree. If your looking for a job in a Private gym you will have more success in getting hired, due to the fact of your track record. What about extra reading material to learn more about the fitness industry.

Well Good thing about being a working man we can afford the exact same books they need for class. We have the advantage of learning at our own pace and what material we want to study. Some trainers who would rather focus more on training then on nutrition would rather only study training. In my own Collection I have some books for bodybuilding dating back to 1980’s and I am luck enough to have strength and condition books for athletes. In my opinion if you want to really learn just buy the books from the school or get the used ones  from former students. You get to learn the exact same material they do at a fraction of the cost which is pretty sweet.

Visalus Product Review

When looking for a weight loss program, we want to be looking for products with great taste and it actually works. I was lucky enough to be invited to a recruiting party, where I got to sample their products. I would rate the products 4/10 because the taste of all  the products were not great. In the article I will go through and explain their products individually, so you will have a good idea on what they taste like.

When looking for a weight loss shake we want two things, great taste and great nutritional value. The shakes Visalus has to offer have a good taste, but it’s very creamier taste to the products. They had a heavy feeling and felt very heavy going down, because of the cream texture they deliver in the products. The nutritional values for the shakes are great in protein and carbohydrates and are the perfect mix for anyone trying to lose weight. There is one major down side to the shakes, do not mix it with milk or it becomes  even heavier then what it already is. They also carry a breakfast cereal, which I think is unique to their company to offer.

The cereal  was my favorite part of the taste testing we did at the recruiting party. The cereal is really high in carbohydrates, which is not what you want to eat a lot off. I would only recommend eating 1 bowl of the cereal that they have to offer, it also has a great taste to it. Do you like the flavor of frosted flakes or corn flakes, because if you do this is the one for you. It has the exact taste of frosted flakes, which is one reason why it’s high in carbohydrates. They have 5 different flavors to offer which is okay, but they are not the best flavors you can buy in the health industry. They also have cookies that you can buy, but like ever other company out there it’s not the best product.

The cookies are the worst things I have ever put in my mouth it was dry and tasted bad. They were really dry to the taste that the product actually crumbled in my hands which is not good. The product servings for 1 cookie was 150 calories and a high fat content which is the opposite of healthy. For a chocolate chip cookie that was suppose to be good actually turned out to taste like cardboard. They have many other products out on the market, but from what I tasted I would stay away from it.

Power Foods

What are power foods and what do they consist of while understand when to intake the food. My power foods that I have used over the years are very simple but are high in there respective categories. In the article I will break down when to eat certain power foods and exactly what power foods I have used. The foods I always recommend are basic carbohydrates and proteins, where many people are always over thinking it.

When looking at what time we need to consume our power foods, we need to take into consideration of when are we competing. This will help us decide exactly what we are going to eat and how much of it, but first we will look at the night before competing. What foods will give us the best carry over into tomorrow, these  will be meats and pastas. Would you want to consume a load of carbs 2 hours before competing no, because you will start to feel tired and lazy. Pork, steak, mash potato, and pasta are great sources to load up the night before, these foods are high in Cabrs. When consumed the night before, we are loading up our ATP which is used for sports that are under 10 seconds of action at a time. What power foods are great to consume on the day of competing.

Best breakfast I have ever had on the day of competing, has to be chicken and eggs. These two items will load you up with a high Protein to carb ratio. Chicken is low in carbs compared to steak and pork, because it does not contain as much fat as a cow does. What effects the animal is the feed intake, a cow needs much more intake to survive then a chicken requires. There are also other power foods like corn and bean mix, because they are high in vitamins. By adding fruits and veggies to your morning breakfast will make a huge difference. So remember one thing, never have to many carbohydrates on the day of competing.

Muscle Mag’s

Every magazine for the fitness industry usually has a lot of people who are monstrous looking on every page. Have you ever wondered could this give my kids the wrong impression on working out. I have come to believe it does to a certain extent, because the youth does not understand what these athletes are taking. We are always trying to get the youth to understand that sometimes when we want to look a certain way, we might have to use drugs to get there. I will explain why there routines from the athletes wont work.

When looking at each athletes training program we are thinking to our selves, that this program will  help me get big. There are some major pieces of information missing from their routines, one piece of information is there progression scheme. How are we expected to run a successful training program with out the back bone, we will have to figure out the %’s our selves which could be hard. Second piece of information is how they warm up for there set training day, not everyone is the same. Kai Greene does ab’s before lower body, where other athletes will choose to do it after. Is every body building program in the magazines the same, not even close.

Every lifter has something different in there training programs, because no one is the same. So why would these professional bodybuilders be any different. Some train for 6 hours a day, where some will only be there for 45 minutes. When looking at them we need to realize that something is not normal about them. Are they natural, most claim to be but facts prove other wise.  I know I am getting tired of reading magazines with juice monkeys everywhere with false claims, why not find other source of information. Try using web sites where there are known lifters, and dedicated staff on only writing the best.